December 1, 2023

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5 tips for hiring a catering for your event

When organizing an event, always the main factor is to create a pleasant and comfortable environment for all guests. It is here, where the Oxford shire Caterers for parties or events plays a fundamental role. When hiring a caterer, you opt for a professional service that is responsible for providing food and beverages to all kinds of events, although in many cases it also includes table linens and cutlery, as well as waiters, cooks, cleaning staff, and everything necessary to the banquet or celebration. This may vary from company to company. Therefore, we give you 5 tips to hire a catering for an event correctly.

Establish the type of catering you want

Before you start contacting companies, you need to be clear about which of all the types of catering your event needs – whether you are looking for just an aperitif, a brunch, a banquet, a cocktail or a buffet. This way you will have an idea of ​​what to tell the catering advisor when contacting and it will be much easier for them to understand your idea and your event.

Take into account an approximate budget 

It is important not to hire a catering service at the last minute, as it is a service that requires enough preparation time to have all the implements prepared on time and not take unexpected risks or errors in the service. Adjusting expectations to the budget is another key factor, so you can get an idea of ​​how much money you are going to allocate and plan with the company based on it. It is also advisable to calculate from the beginning the number of guests, so that the company you hire can do its job sincerely.

Discuss and detail the requested budgets

When deciding on one company or another when hiring a catering, it is important to calmly review all aspects of the service they are offering and budgeting. It does include the staff in charge of bringing the catering, the number of staff, whether or not VAT is included or whether it includes cutlery and linens, chairs and tables. 

Look for the best options

Keep in mind that by hiring a catering you will be leaving a large part of your event in the hands of who you decide to hire. For this reason it is very important that it is a reliable company to avoid surprises or discontent. Thoroughly review their website and get a notion of all the services they have to offer you. Look for reviews in Google and opinions of other people who have used their services. In this sense, hiring Oxford shire Caterers will be ideal.

Flexibility and clarity in choosing a menu

Although many times you decide the menu in advance, it is always good to receive recommendations from the team you hire. Adaptive flexibility can improve your meal plan and the experience of your guests. You will be hiring staff with a prior and experienced notion from which you can receive advice and ideas. This is one of the many advantages of hiring a catering.