December 2, 2023

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A Woods Lamp is Great for Identifying Skin Conditions

With a Woods lamp, you can identify problems with your clients’ skin as this lamp gives off black light, which you can’t see with the naked eye. Its light is on the ultraviolet spectrum, which is shorter than that of violet. It gives off a purple light in a dark room as it emits some light in the violet part of the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Robert W. Wood first made this type of lamp in 1903, and you can use it to check out the state of your clients’ skin up close in a darkened room. It is especially helpful to tell pigmented from depigmented skin, and you can also see if fluorescence is present. Healthy skin is sort of blue under a Woods lamp light, but it is white if the skin is thickened. The skin is yellow or orange if the skin is oily. It looks purple where the skin is tender, think, dry, or healing. 

If the skin under the lamp is white, it can indicate that the skin is aging or that there is a skin fold. If the skin is light yellow, it can show that there is a concentrated pimple or seborrhea. The skin looks red if it is inflamed, or it may look this way if there is a nutrient deficiency. Brown skin shows a freckle or a pigmentation inconsistency. 

You’ll get both ultraviolet light and magnification with our Woods lamp. You can use it to see aspects of the skin that you may not be able to see up close without the assistance of the lamp. Our lamp has a 3 dioptre and 1.75 times magnification, and we also offer a stronger version with five and 10 times magnification power. 

A Woods lamp is a valuable tool to include in your beauty salon so that you can discover many important details about your clients’ skin. This empowers you to offer treatments and advice based on what you learn about your clients’ skin conditions. This helps customers return to your salon over and over as you have the equipment to take care of your clients’ skin and you take the time to tailor your treatment to their individual needs. 

You can expand your service offerings with this simple investment. You’ll show your clients how you can boost their skin care routines. They will be able to observe their skin conditions under the light themselves with the Woods lamp, and they can then see their skin’s improvement as they continue improvement. You can thus earn their trust as you provide customized and knowledgeable skin care services.