December 1, 2023

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An Analysis On Mental Health Disorders

Mental health refers to emotional well being and the ability to live life with stability and creativeness. Mental health consists of both physical and emotional fitness. For living mentally fit it is essential to live healthy physically also. For saving yourself from any related disorders you are required to know about the perfect balance between physical and emotional health. If you want to get complete health then it is important to understand the complete understanding about this important part of your life.

People can suffer from various problem of mental health regard less of their age, gender, status and background. This sort of illness affects the capability of people to maintain healthy relations and live a normal life.

Here is given some common types of mental health disorders and their symptoms which generally affect:

Depression: You can very easily find people undergoing depression due to some or the other reason. Depression leads to loss of fun and pleasure and affects men and women of every age. The common symptoms of depression are feeling alone and sad, disturbance, sudden change in mood and anxiety. Although many of us undergo these symptoms but when these are subsisted over a period of life then it can be depression and needs intervention.

Schizophrenia: It is a severe mental health disorder and is consist of strange behavior and delusions and needs professional health. If someone you know or someone in your family is suffering from Schizophrenia then approach a psychiatrist who can provide the required help.

Phobias: Phobia refers to disorders like fear of any bad event or condition. Apart from it there can be many other types of phobias.

Post traumatic stress: Post traumatic stress is the result of some hazard happened in life like car accident, rape and any such event which has caused severe psychological distress.