December 2, 2023

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Beard Treatment in NYC

Such a concept as stubble carries a double meaning. For some people, a three-day stubble is associated with a stale appearance, the presence of unpleasant thorny facial hair and negligence. Whereas it seems to others that light unshavenness, on the contrary, adds masculinity and sexuality to the male image.

At the end of the 20th century, among the NY stars of film and television, there was a tendency to abandon daily shaving and a change from a smooth shaven to a light unshaven face. Such an image in combination with a stylish haircut, a good suit and expensive accessories looks courageous and sexy.

To become the owner of the three-day stubble, no need to shave for three days. Such a beard usually reaches 3-4 millimeters. However, few people know that a beard that gives refined carelessness to your style requires special care.  Such fashionable bristles make facial features manly and visually draws a round face.

To get the desired result, use a trimmer with different nozzles. The choice of nozzle depends on the length of your beard. To work in hard-to-reach areas, for example, under the nose and around the mouth, it is recommended to remove the nozzle.

To care for a three-day stubble beard should be trimme犀利士
d on the fourth day. Take a trimmer and work against hair growth. This will allow you to get a uniform result over the entire beard area.

If you have sensitive face skin, a three-day beard will be a great solution. You do not have to shave every day and thus traumatize the skin. It is very important to clean the trimmer regularly to get rid of the many bacteria that can accumulate after each shave. Your trimmer, like your beard, needs special care.

 Know that men can use a trimmer for eyebrow epilation. Eyebrows of natural length should reach 6-7 millimeters.


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