December 1, 2023

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Compare Medicare Supplement Plans Carefully to Ensure You Don’t Overpay 


Choosing between a few different Medicare supplement plan options can be an exhausting task if you have to do your research. If you’ve been looking to compare Medicare supplement plans to find the best fit for you, you’ve come to the right place.                                                             Read on to know more.

Easy steps to compare Medicare supplement plans

  • Carefully look at and understand the different plans and the benefits of each one.
  • Jot down your specific needs and match them with the existing plans.
  • It is important to compare the rates of different companies. The coverage is the same, but different companies charge different premiums. It all boils down to your budget.
  • Rates will increase every year, so if possible, it’s better to work with an independent agent who can make things easier for you.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Since different people have different needs, there is no particular best plan. These are a few plans that witness the highest enrollment due to their amazing coverage and relatively low rates. These plans are: Medicare Plan G, Medicare Plan N, and Medicare Plan D

Medicare Plan G and its Benefits: After the one-time deductible has been paid, you get 100% coverage on all Medicare-approved expenses. This plan is easy on the pocket and gets all your medical bills paid for. 

Medicare Plan N and its Benefits: This plan is a hit among seniors since the yearly increase rate is lower than Plan G, yet it offers great coverage. Lowers premiums lead to Plan N becoming more popular, but it comes with additional out-of-pocket incurred expenses that you need to be ready for. You can visit any hospital, any specialist, and any doctor and just have to pay a small fee per doctor’s visit. 

Essential Key Points 

  • Original Medicare plans consist of Part A (Hospital Coverage) and Part B (Doctor’s Services). Medicare Part B provides you with the most coverage, mainly for doctor’s bills and routine check-ups as compared to Part A, which means hospitalization. 
  • Supplement plans can cover you for the deductibles you get charged each year, which means you have to pay before your insurance plan will commence and deliver you with coverage.
  • There are separate deductibles for Medicare parts A and B. Maximum supplement plans cover Part A deductible, but few cover the Part B one, but that’s completely alright since the deductible is for Part B is lesser as compared to Part A. 
  • In the case of surgeries and medical procedures that require extra blood, you can get good coverage. 
  • In case you have to be transported outside of the country for an emergency procedure, then almost 80% of the transport costs will be covered with a set lifetime limit. 

Once you have thoroughly read, understood, and compared Medicare Supplement Plans to choose the best one as per your needs, in just a few clicks and a short process, you’re good to go! Happy Health to you!