December 2, 2023

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Types of Fitted wardrobe ideas

Deciding what might fit your space, lifestyle and budget is the first step in transforming your bedroom storage. Find out about the various choices and types of tailored wardrobes below.

Fitted wardrobes can be an excellent way to make the most of your bedroom space , particularly if it has awkward nooks and crannies, such as sloping ceilings in an attic room.
However, they may be a sizeable investment. Although most of the 2,018 owners of fitted bedroom furniture we surveyed were satisfied with their purchase, 6% of those who had owned their furniture for more than two years said they were not happy with it.

In a variety of layouts, stylish fitted wardrobes come in. In what you ultimately choose, how you want to use them and how you want them to look will also play a part.

Fitted doors for wardrobe 

Hinged doors can offer a more traditional look to your wardrobes, while sliding doors will offer a sleek finish and, if you have limited space, are a neat choice. With open-fronted wardrobes, you can absolutely ditch the doors. These will bring your show products in place and create a space for a more comfortable feel. However, to prevent your bedroom feeling cluttered, you’ll need to keep your clothes clean. For a softer way to cover your clothing, some alternatives do use curtains in place of doors.

Equipped wardrobes for sliding 

These have sliding doors, as the name suggests, as opposed to hinged ones that open out. For sliding wardrobes, there are lots of different choices, including the number and width of doors. From mirrored glass to more conventional wood, they come in a variety of different designs and finishes. The advantage of sliding wardrobe doors is that less space is taken up by the doors. If there is a snug fit between the cupboards and the bed, they are a good choice.

Designed corner wardrobes 

A fitted wardrobe could use a corner so that it is not wasted, as with any other tricky space in a bedroom. In order to make the corner easier to reach, they tend to come with options like curved rails, particularly long rails or pull-out rails. More of the decisions available are seen in our section below on storage ideas.

Mirrored fitted wardrobes 

Mirrored choices come in both hinged and sliding wardrobes. Doors can be repeated fully or partially, and all the doors can be done in the same way, or only a few. It can be great to bring light into the room with full-length mirrors, but bear in mind that they are difficult to keep clean. Dust and fingerprints will show up more than on a normal door.

Some companies, such as Studio 54, have their own design tools for more inspiration, so you can better imagine the furniture in your own room. Take a look at their fitted bedroom furniture reviews when you decide what kind of fitted wardrobes you’re after, or get help deciding whether an independent carpenter or major brand is right for you.