December 1, 2023

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Alternative Health Courses – Some Training Options

Programs like iridology, herbal therapy, reflexology, massage and Reiki are all popular forms of alternative health courses available today. Though each educational program varies in length and curriculum, some of these alternative health classes can be completed in as little time as a few weeks.

For instance, if you are interested in taking alternative health courses in iridology, these holistic health programs are commonly offered through weekend workshops or seminars; and can be completed over the course of three weekends. Alternative health programs in iridology focus primarily on the study of the iris; including instruction on the history of iridology, iris photography, anatomy and physiology, topographic iris mapping, and more. Students pursuing education in iridology have the potential to earn certification as a professional iridologist, and will have gained essential skills to identify specific markers on the iris which may indicate health problems. More of a diagnostic practice, many alternative health courses in iridology are often complemented with herbal medicine and supplement training.

Herbal medicine training is also one of many courses that students may take as an independent study or as part of other holistic health curriculums like iridology, naturopathy, homeopathy, and Oriental medicine. Once students have successfully completed all educational requirements of an herbal medicine program, they may be eligible for entry-level positions as herbal medicine therapists, homeopathic practitioners, natural healthcare providers, or Ayurvedic therapists. Of course there are a number of alternative health courses in plant medicine that are optionally designed for the organic home gardener and home health remedies – these classes can be completed through a holistic workshop or home study program.

Reflexology instruction is commonly offered as part of alternative health education in massage therapy, or as an independent certification program. Based on the philosophies and theories of energy healing, reflexology is a touch therapy that is applied to specific pressure points on the soles of the feet, hands, and on the ears.