December 1, 2023

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Getting Health Insurance Is Easier Than You Think

Many individuals are frequently concerned about how to obtain health insurance. They don’t understand how to find the best insurance for their family, or about the choices offered. However, there are numerous ways to find good health insurance, many of which are straightforward and simple.

Most people get their health insurance by means of an employer. Nowadays virtually all employers offer some type of a group health insurance plan for their employees. Group health insurance only means that there is a large group of individuals that are on the plan. Having several employees on a plan will decrease the membership cost of the monthly premiums.

Depending on the policy, these plans will cover your spouse and children, as well as yourself. Covering your entire family with this kind of policy is of great benefit for you.

In order to get insurance through your employer, you need to contact your boss or human resources department at your company. Usually before you are hired you are given pamphlets dealing with types of insurance available.

If you leave your employer for any reason, you are still covered by that same insurance (under the COBRA act), at a more expensive rate. That’s another great benefit to having health insurance through an employer.

On the other hand, what if you are one of the many millions who are unable to obtain group health insurance through an employer? Perhaps you are retired, disabled, self-employed, or work at a company that does not offer insurance plans. There are other means of getting health insurance besides through work.

Individual plans are offered by health insurance companies for those who are self-employed, ineligible for government health insurance, or who can’t get coverage through their workplace. These plans are for the most part not very expensive as compared to group health insurance plans. Plus they can cover the entire family.