July 15, 2024

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Even with the legalization of cannabis businesses in Everett, Washington, it seems like the marijuana black markets are not going away anytime soon. However, it is upon us to ensure that these illegal marijuana dealers are not operational. The best way of doing that is to avoid black market weed, which is illegal. Thankfully, you can purchase marijuana in a dispensary in 98208 as long as you are 21years of age or more. Cannabis is legal for adults, and there are many perks of purchasing it from a dispensary. Below are the very good reasons why you should avoid black market weed.

Purchasing legal weed keeps money in the state’s economy.

Legal or licensed dispensaries pay taxes to the local government, which also ensures they adhere to the cannabis laws of the state. Purchasing your marijuana from the number 1 dispensary in Everett, Washington, helps keep money in the state’s economy. It allows the local businesses and the communities to thrive. On the other hand, purchasing black market weed sends money out of state, most probably to drug lords in other areas.

Legal weed reduces your health risks.

Purchasing marijuana from a licensed dispensary reduces your health risks because it undergoes third-party lab tests to ensure it is safe. Illegal cannabis growers are not held to any health standards, so they have no incentive to ensure the products they sell are free of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. All the cannabis sold in dispensaries is grown under strict regulations that ensure its safety for human use.

It is illegal, and the penalties are stiff.

It is quite obvious that black market weed is illegal, but it is important to say. The legalization of marijuana comes with conditions as to where you should purchase your weed, how much you can buy at a go, and rules around its transportation. 

You should only buy your weed from a licensed dispensary in the city of Everett Washington website. If you are outside the boundaries of cannabis laws, you will find yourself in jail, and the penalties are stiff. Also, if you are convicted of possessing more weed than the state’s legal permit, you become a felon.

Black market weed could be harmful to the environment.

As earlier mentioned, illegal growers of marijuana are not held to any standards, so they are not motivated to grow marijuana under safe environmental conditions. Most of them use pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers that harm the environment. The chemicals end up in water sources and groundwater, causing harm to both humans and animals alike. By purchasing illegal weed, you are potentially supporting these environmentally harmful practices.

Black market weed supports criminals.

When you buy weed from the black markets, you take part in supporting criminals. Even though the products may come from local growers, these black markets are tainted with criminal activities, violent crimes, cartels, and blood-stained hands. By purchasing illegal weed, you are supporting these heinous crimes. But buying weed from a dispensary supports the local cannabis businesses and economy.

The bottom line

Buying illegal marijuana is not worth the risk, so it’s best to always purchase from licensed dispensaries.